Midwife Carriage Restoration Project​

Daufuskie Island Historical Foundation

The restoration of Sarah Grant’s carriage was our major project for 2015.  Billie Burn donated the carriage to the Museum in 2002 in its current condition.  Mrs. Grant bought the one-seated buggy from the Jim Goodwin family in 1932 when they were living in Oakley Hall at Bloody Point.   The Goodwins had arrived on Daufuskie in 1925, probably bringing the carriage with them. 

Mrs. Grant would hitch her horse, Tillman, (named for the South Carolina governor) to the carriage, grab her black bag filled with a scale, soap, thread, scissors, gauze - whatever she needed - and drive  to the expectant  mother.  Sarah Grant delivered her first baby in 1932 and the last in 1969; she delivered over 130 babies in 37 years. 

Sarah Grant served the island in other capacities as well.  She worked as an oyster shucker and was a member of the Oyster Union Society.  She worked the polling station from 1960-1962 and served as the PTA president during the 1960’s.

Joseph Grant, Sarah’s husband, was an undertaker on the island.  When he died in 1962, she took over for him which prompted one islander to remark, “Granny (Sarah) bring ‘em ‘n she take ‘em away.” Clearly, she was a great asset to the island!

We believe that the very special story of Sarah Grant’s life along with the ability to display and protect her restored carriage will speak to our visitors for years to come.

The Carriage has begun it's journey to Leola, PA where it will be restored. 

Feb 2016:  The carriage is back on the island in a newly constructed 'carriage barn'.  We hope that when you visit the island, you will stop by and see the finished product.

April 2, 2016:  Dedication of the restored carriage.  Below are a few of the pictures taken of this event.